Preventing Automatic Forwarding by Client Side Rules

A customer has had a query regarding how to prevent automatic forwarding and automatic replies in Exchange.

in Exchange 2003 this is controlled by the properties of Internet Message Formats:

Exchange Organization|Global Settings|Internet Message Formats.

chances are there is only one format, called “default”. right click properties and away you go.

Things are slightly different in exchange 2007 and 2010:

  1. Open Exchange Management Console
  2. Expand Organization Configuration-> Hub Transport
  3. In the right pane select the Remote Domains tab
  4. Right click Default and choose Properties
  5. On the General tab you can set which type of Out of Office Messages you will allow to be sent out. By default only external OOF messages are allowed. You can change the option to also allow OOF messages created by Outlook 2003 and previous.
    On the tab named “Format of original message sent as attachment to journal report:” (Exchange 2007) or “Message Format” (Exchange 2010) you can enable or disable the automatic replying/forwarding.

The call became interesting, however, when the customer wanted to know if this would affect rules set by the Out of Office Assistant. I couldn’t find a definitive answer, so I set about playing.

I set a test account to have out of office on, auto forward to my external email account (nickxxxxx). In IMF advanced settings on the server I had the following:

I sent a test message via telnet to the test account, and in message tracking saw the following:

The auto forwarded message got stuck at the categorizer stage, which is expected behaviour.

I then enabled automatic forwarding, bounced the store, sent another test message from an external account and got the following:

As you can see in this instance, the message is queued for remote delivery. If my test system were connected to the internet, the message would be delivered.

want to stop it by default, but allow it for some users? This article is your friend:

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