At what point can I blame the storage?

I quite often find myself wishing a problem would go away. I get desperate to hand off the whole thing to, say, a SAN engineer and be done with it. At what point then is it possible, when troubleshooting poor storage latency,  to do this?

Say i’m looking at some pretty shoddy secs/write on a LUN. I can say to the storage guy “i don’t like your storage”. He then tells me that the secs/transaction he sees are fine. Is there any way to get just a little bit more info out of the box to narrow down the problem (or slope my shoulders just a little bit more?)?

yes there is.

As far as i can make out, if you follow that article you can get a measure of how long it takes the storport driver to get a response from EVERYTHING ELSE. So, if you’re seeing 50ms/read in the perfmon, but it never goes above 30ms to service a request, you might want to make sure you’ve got the latest version of storport on your system. Conversely if (like me) you’re seeing 500ms request times in storport, you get together with Mr Storage and go yell at the network elves.

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