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Danger, Will Robinson!

SP3 for 2010 has been announced this morning (well, last night, but…), ships early next year, and appears to mostly be about getting exchange 2010 to sit on windows 2012. yay. now i can pretend i’m running my exchange server on a phone. It also includes a load of stuff to get 2010 to work with Exchange 2013.  The big flashing warning light is that this will require a schema update, and therefore is not something to just be stumbled into.

Now, I’ve never seen a schema upgrade go wrong, but the possible fallout might be catastrophic, so be prepared.

here’s some good information, that may well go against what you previously thought you need to do:
that’s right – DON’T isolate your schema master; make sure you’re in a good place with regard to backups, though.

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