Interesting things that i see on the internet, 19th May

I know, so soon? These things are always too long, so I’m going to try and get them out more frequently, so people don’t give up after the first four items.

I also wanted to share with you an interesting post on being a career hermit crab. In among all the good advice Ashley has for those who are both technically able and hate chasing other people for their timesheets there are two things that really stand out for me:

  1. Learn to code
  2. Learn powershell DSC

If you’ve not considered the former, and you’ve never heard of the latter, you might want to explore the possibilities.

Anyway, on to the meat. This is what you come here for, right?


Exchange Design:

what BDMs and architects need to know about Exchange Online and Exchange Server deployments”. In a poster. I assume that’s not *everything* architects need to know. Good work Microsoft, on reinforcing stereotypes… 😀

Paul Robichaux has written a post about running Exchange on Azure, and why it is a bad thing.


Exchange Troubleshooting:

A 1 hour webcast on troubleshooting activesync. It’s due on May 20th, but will be available for download shortly after, if you can’t make it.


Exchange General:

Ross Smith IV has published an article on the upcoming changes in OAB that we can expect in Ex2013 CU5. When’s CU5 out, btw, nick? No official date yet, but I’d put money on May 27th at the earliest. Will there be an exchange 2010 ru? I hope so…

Michel de Rooij, UC architect and MVP, has a slide deck here on the things he found interesting and useful at MEC.

Steve Goodman (another UC architect and MVP) has written a good explanation on his blog about why it’s not worth spending a ton of money on storage.  He’s also posted the slides from the recent Office 365 UK Midlands User group meeting if you’re interested.


Core General:

There have been a whole load of hotfixes published just recently for windows 2008 and 2012. Some highlights include the ability to use a range of ports for the udp comms in a failover cluster, instead of just port 3343, long certificate authority hostnames, A memory leak in Network Store Interface Service, a web client service cookie fix, XML errors due to Audit Event 4661, an interesting CRL related hotfix that requires careful thinking about before applying, NetLogon 3210 events, stop 50 errors in remote desktop sessions, yet another fix for multiple authentication prompt problems, iSCSI stress testing causes your computer to give up, new HBAs cause windows 2008r2 to crash, system state backups fail, Pass the Hash vulnerability, group policy preferences allow elevated privilege attack, MS14-027: Vulnerability in Windows shell handler could allow elevation of privilege, retrieval of paged results is interrupted when an LDAP server receives queries that generate many results and finally  Vulnerabilities in iSCSI could allow denial of service. Phew.

A marvellous article on cleaning up the winSxS directory by charity Shelburne on the AskPFE blog. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has computer semiliterate friends and relatives who ask “why can’t I just delete it? it’s got 7 drokking gig!”

Channel 9 are far quicker at getting the teched videos up than they were with lync or mec. Sigh. </poor relations>. Here’s the keynote, one on cloud for it professionals featuring a man in a hat, indoors, (!) and an actually decent one on powershell with Don Jones. I’ve not watched the keynote, as it’s two hours long.


Office 365:

A windows hotfix to address an apparent office 365 problem; Outlook may take two to three minutes to connect to an Office 365 mailbox.

This article has big pictures and friendly colours. I find this helpful. Choosing a sign-in model for Office 365. has just started a three part series on multifactor authN for Office 365. This is part 1. Parts two and three over the next couple of weeks, I expect.

Tony Redmond has a nice oped piece comparing gmail and office 365, here. Lots of good links in there, too.

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