Interesting things that i see on the internet, 30th May.


Ever wanted to know more about 3d printing? Course you have. How about two and a half hours of video on it, then? Channel 9 have done a video series overview that covers the hardware, software, use of kinect as a scanner and lots more on this that I will definitely watch once I have time – I’m planning on breaking a leg later this year, which will be an ideal opportunity.


Also, you may find something of interest in this post regarding self-training  from Ed Baker. It’s no surprise he works for Microsoft… however there is a new gamification attempt over at the MVA – wanna be a superhero? Thought not.


Exchange Design:

How to create a group policy that will add your ADFS servers to the local intranet group for users, facilitating single sign on.

Really, you’re not as clever as you think you are. Why you should avoid manual server hardening.


Exchange Troubleshooting:

Andrew S Higginbotham is one of the best exchange support guys around. His blog is always worth a read, and his latest post is no exception – basically, the customer had a little bit of a problem, and in trying to fix it, they created a bloody great massive one. When you’re in a hole, stop digging.

My friend Justin Harris has written two great posts on his blog, discussing ways of troubleshooting two common problems in Exchange 2013; using get-servercomponentstate when  services are stopped unexpectedly, and how to use pipeline tracing when transport agents are shot. Justin passed his MCM qual lab first time, and is therefore officially “insanely clever”.


Recent knowledgebase articles:

If you used the hybrid configuration wizard with exchange 2010, and then upgraded to 2013, you may be struck by this: “‎Subtask Configure execution failed” error when you run the Hybrid Configuration Wizard in Exchange 2013 after an upgrade from Exchange 2010

Don’t set the receive connector on your multirole exchange 2013 box to “hub transport” – it’ll break when you upgrade to SP1: The front-end Microsoft Exchange Transport service stops and does not restart after you upgrade to Exchange Server 2013 SP1

I’ve not called out the kb articles associated with sp3 ru6 or 2013 cu5 – have a look at the articles below for links. I’ll make an exception for “Store.exe crashes if you create a deeply nested subfolder in Outlook” though. we recently had exactly this problem with Exchange 2007 sp3 ru13 – as there are no more rollups coming out for 2007 by the look of it, then those of you on that product will remain vulnerable. I’m going to do a proper article on how to diagnose it and fix it in the very near future, honest.


Exchange General:

Exchange 2013 CU5 and Exchange 2010 SP3 RU6 have been released this week. As well as the EHLO blog posts, it’s probably worth casting an eye over Rhoderick Milne’s assessment of them; CU5 and RU6. Are you going to rush off and install them? I’d leave it a week or so and see who moans about what. So far this is the only thing I’ve seen for 2013 (Exchange Shared Cache Service restarts frequently in Exchange Server 2013 Cumulative Update 5), but I’d give it a few days more yet…

There is a always a huge amount of confusion over shared folders, especially calendars. Sam Drey answers the question “Is the calendar connection opened “on access” or is the connection made everytime the user opens Outlook?”

So you want secure remote powershell – why you don’t do it by just setting it on the powershell virtual directory (you break powershell ,and then you can’t use powershell to fix it)


Core General:

I found a link to a Mark Russinovich video on Channel 9, the microsoft “tv station”, which was great for three reasons – first, it’s Mark Russinovich (may his tribe increase), second it had links to a whole lot more of his stuff from this year’s Tech Ed, and thirdly it led me on to two links for stuff I’d not really bothered looking at before; the Defrag Show, a 25 minute troubleshooting show which has some great tips and tricks, and, even more excitingly, the Defrag Tools show, which is an irregular yet frequent deep dive into the troubleshooting tools used on the Defrag Show… this stuff is great – an hour on performance counters? You bet. Walkthroughs of analysing crashes and hangs, message analyzer, systinternals tools. This is essential stuff.

Also on channel 9 is this great link which has all the exam prep videos from TechEd – 75 minute presentations on common exams – including Exchange, Windows, Lync… you’re all doing exams, all the time, so I daresay this will be of some use…

They’re more alike than you might think – Andrew S Higginbotham uses ESEUTIL to fix an AD problem.

It’s the end-times, I tell ya. Powershell DSC. For linux.

A reminder that Microsoft release security updates as DVD ISO images – that’s handy for those of us with labs that are isolated from the internet.

A great article from Tom Moser on the AskPFE blog on how DCs are located across forest trusts. This is part two – part one was a year ago, and is here. This is the real stuff, and will give you a lovely warm glow when you’ve read it. for the third or fourth time, in my case.

Some new knowledgebase articles have been published:

You hopefully aren’t using iSCSI, but if you are, here’s another thing that doesn’t work very well: List of iSCSI targets may be truncated or missing

I know we’ve got some customers who do this sort of thing: You cannot create more than four SMTP virtual servers in Windows Server 2008 R2


Office 365:

Learn more about Support issues with Office 365 Message Encryption (OME), an easy-to-use service.

This might be a bit noddy for you all, but maybe not: Simplifying the Office 365 admin experience

The official Microsoft “security in Office 365” white paper was updated recently. I don’t know what the changes were, though. you might want to have a look.

Tony Redmond has written an interesting piece explaining how changes are introduced in Office 365.



Software defined networking for lync and unified comms. It’s coming someday, or maybe.

Jeff Schertz has written another blog post in his series on H.264 Scalable Video Coding  implementation in Lync 2013. See all of them here.


And finally,


Ever wondered how they laid transatlantic cables in the 50’s? well, wonder no longer. AT&T have released some video from their archives. It’s more interesting than I’ve made it sound.


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