Intersting things I have seen on the internet, July 14th

First off – interesting things from the word of TMG – TMG 2010 SP2 RU5 is now available. Gosh. I’d also like to shout about this exciting development; Clint Huffman, the excellent engineer who is responsible for the PAL has written a book. It’s a touching tale of an orphan boy who is befriended by hedgehogs in Edwardian-era Leeds  about  windows performance analysis, unsurprisingly, it’s published in October, and it’s available for pre-order right now. If it’s half the book it could be, it will replace “Moby dick” on the nightstand, for me. Daddy loves perfmon.


Exchange Design:

An interesting summary of the current “why the hell doesn’t Exchange support NFS?” debate from Michel de Rooij. He makes the point toward the end that just because something works, doesn’t mean it’s supportable. An example is Exchange on AWS – you’re welcome to try it but your exchange support comes from Amazon, not Microsoft. Tony Redmond’s post on it is likewise interesting – notice Devin Ganger’s comments at the bottom – read them in conjunction with his blog post last week about virtualization technologies not being ready for exchange yet and it’s no wonder so many exchange implementations get into trouble.


Exchange Troubleshooting:

In 2013, if you update the notes field of a contact via a mobile device, it winds up blank. Known issue. Not yet fixed.

Using logparser to see what is using EWS…

A quick powershell one-liner for deleting IIS logs… why do you want to delete iis logs? Because there’s farsands of ‘em.

Farsands of ’em.

If you’ve just migrated a user from exchange 2003, you might not be able to open outlook if they have invalid characters in their legacyExchangeDN attribute.

“the Microsoft exchange administrator has made a change…” prompt cont’d – incorrectly decommissioning public folders can trigger it.


Exchange General:

Message recall. It’s garbage, basically, isn’t it? here are some suggestions for ways to make it less smelly.

A picture is worth a thousand words so here’s a cracking little script to display mailbox growth graphically. I prefer a pie chart personally. A pie would be even better.

Always handy to know; how to install the latest applicable updates for Microsoft outlook. It now covers how to use OffCAT to help you, as well. That’s right, no more hunting through binary versions – OffCAT will tell you which updates you need.

Damian Scoles, Exchange MVP and Unified  Comms guru is building a new lab. I now have lab envy. I’m running a 64GB ESXi 5.5 hypervisor on a fujitsu rx200 s6 with 6TB of iSCSI SAN and it’s clearly too damn small. Sigh.

Tony Redmond discusses the parlous state of Exchange Search, here. And that’s in office 365. It’s worse when you have to try and keep the services running yourself… 😀


Core General:

If Kerberos authentication is required, then a forest trust is necessary. I don’t care what it says on technet.

Elden Christensen has some interesting thoughts on sizing windows 2012 clusters. He also has an idiosyncratic way of spelling “chassis”.

Troubleshooting certificate errors with message analyzer – this is way cool even if they’re using a beta version…

Discussion of a useful tool for configuring ACLs

Gary Siepser explains why | fl  and | fl * return different result sets in powershell.


Office 365:

What’s new for June 2014, according to the office blog. Mostly Lync it seems.

Tony Redmond’s thoughts on Wave 16… probably a must-read for everybody…

A handy video summary of the new features of office 365 enterprise. “Enjoy your office instantly – wherever you go”. Sounds more like a threat to me.

The current top issues for outlook with office 365 – good idea to look here before wondering why things don’t work…

IDFix and the new fast-track onboarding process explained on channel 9.



If you’re new to lync, or contemplating the exams, as I am (in the same way as I’m contemplating my own mortality, with a sense of hopeful procrastination), then you may find the legendary techy’s new lync lab series of interest. If that all looks too manual for you and  you have access to a meaty windows 2012 box with hyper-V installed then you may prefer the lynclabonline script.

There have been some changes recently to the Lync Validator – it’s now hosted on Azure, for a start… What’s Lync Validator? Rob Brynteson’s online Lync 2013 design validation tool. Why not go and have a look at it over at


And finally…


It’s cleaner than water, it’s cheaper than porter, it’s GIN.


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