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Intersting things i see on the internet, September 25th

< It’s customary to start these things with “well, it’s been a while…” and I don’t see any reason for this one to be different.  I’ve missed a few things, either due to being on leave (Spain. It rained. A LOT.) or extremely busy (thank you, three of our large accounts beginning with “H” – it’s nice to feel wanted) – so, you’ll already be aware of CU6 for 2013, and the associated problems with it (and another one…),as well as the main improvements in there.. You’ll be busy making plans to install Exchange 2010 sp3 RU7. Exchange 2007 sp3 RU14 is also out, but it’s only a DST update. You’ll be aware that windows 2003 goes out of support in 10 months, so you’ll be planning to upgrade to 2012 R2. Note, that’s R2. Everyone is at the very top of their game, and ready to face the challenges that the autumn will bring. Great. Super.


Exchange Design:

Azure AD Sync is available for download. This will greatly simplify office 365 co-existence, apparently. Steve Goodman has a download link for the deck he and Michael Van Hybrid presented from at the UC Birmingham Users Group, here. Microsoft have published a handy feature comparison with Dirsync and FIM as well. Here’s a really enthusiastic article on it.


Exchange Troubleshooting:

The litigation hold problem in exchange 2013 is explained from a MS viewpoint here. Bharat Suneja has apparently tweeted that the fix will be included in CU7, which should be due out the end of November.

Clint Boessen discovers a problem with exporting mailboxes from exchange 2007 with Outlook 2010. The fix is to uninstall a couple of updates to outlook 2010.

A recent update to Google Chrome breaks OWA in exchange 2013 and office 365.

There are some new guided walkthroughs for Exchange, Lync Sharepoint and Office365. These assist you in troubleshooting or common configuration tasks, extremely worthwhile.

Nuno Mota is halfway through his “email forensics” series on – two more parts to go.

Jeff Guillet has an article on extended message tracing in office 365.


Exchange General:

This article from Ross Smith will be timely for some of you, I know, in which he explains how to protect against rogue administrators.

A nice tip and explanation on how to set AdminSessionADSettings ViewEntireForest to “true” by default from Rhoderick Milne. If you slightly adapt the advice in Bharat’s post here, you’re laughing.

Damian Scoles has a script for examining mail quotas in exchange 2013. I daresay with a little hacking about it’ll work equally well for 2010. He’s promising to update it as well… he also has an interesting post on using powershell for reporting.

How to move domains and settings from one EOP organization to another, in the case of a merger or a divestment or what-have-you.

There’s a brief summary and wrap-up of Exchange Connections, plus here’s Tony Redmond’s new podcast (with Paul Robichaux). Well, it’ll be there soon.

Anderson Patricio has published another instalment of his series on managing mailbox features through corporate profiles.

Michael B Smith has published a script that automates getting CAS configs. Looks useful.


Core General:

How to share regedit favorites between machines. Really. I can think of only a few uses for this, but the explanation is so cool I wanted to share it.

IPv6 nonsense, continued. Basically, if you’ve followed Microsoft’s advice on how to disable IPv6 then there’s a five second delay on boot you can remove. (note that’s *how to* disable it, not *to* disable. The general advice is unchanged. Disabling IPv6 is unsupported. Don’t do it.)

Microsoft learning are introducing online proctoring for MCP exams in America. I daresay this will make its way to the UK eventually. More here.

Message analyser v1.1 has been released. This makes me happy. I like message analyser because, to quote my colleague Mr Christie, “this knocks wireshark out of the park for non-networkheads”. It truly does. Lots of resources for those who want to get started here.

Samuel Drey has a great post on building system monitor consoles in Excel for monitoring perfmon counters.


Office 365:

Dave Gregory has started an ADFS deep-dive series on the askPFE platforms blog. How good is it? I’ll let him speak for it himself:

the power of the SSO experience and the underlying technology is transformative” (obviously this time they’re all for the federation).

The Microsoft Federation Gateway has had a certificate updated, so you’ll need to update your federation trust metadata. Rhoderick Milne has the scoop on it.

An explanation of the office 365 onboarding benefit process. And here is the office 365 etc etc

Why isn’t office 365 spam proof? Eh?

Brad Anderson has an interesting blog called “in the cloud”. He’s just published a good article on secure e-mail with mobile devices. The pictures are rotten, though.

How would you like a teeny amount of control over office 365 updates. Go on… you would you would you would. Actually, “teeny” is probably overstating it.



An update to the “top support solutions for Lync 2013” article. And one for Lync 2010.

An interesting post from Jeff Schertz on different Lync modalities. I had to look up modalities to understand it.

Richard Brynteson has a quick tip on automating the sending of reports from the SQL reporting server. His post includes the line “Make sure that the SMTP Server is setup to accept anonymous relay as there are no authentication options available from this management interface.” Better not, though, eh? Try following the method here for configuring the receive connector as “externally secured” instead.

And, finally, the people who brought you the ummm… “interesting” super sigma and psychomagician video on Exchange 2013 exams (simply awful, according to Tony Redmond) have produced another fix for a problem you didn’t even know you had. That’s right, certified MCP t-shirts for your Xbox avatar.

They are certified MCPs

It’s the end times, isn’t it? Time to start stocking up on corned beef.


If you’ve made it this far, have 15% off an MCP exam. You deserve it.