Your new PAL

As you may recall, I’m very keen on performance analysis. It’s kind of a hobby, like fishing, but less wet. And with fewer fish. Plus I can do it indoors, in the warm. One of my favourite fishing rods tools is the Performance Analyzer for Logs – PAL. For the last two years however, it’s been a little bit hamstrung in that there has been no exchange 2013 threshold template. This has made me a sad panda.

Well yesterday that changed. Clint Huffman has published a new version (2.7.3) and it includes a 2013 template. O frabjous day. The template was written by Adrian Moore, a senior PFE at Microsoft.

Download it now, I should. Be aware, though, that it is quite different to the enormous 2010 template. It doesn’t inherit the system overview threshold template, for one thing, so makes no comment regarding things like cpu and memory, other than for the counters listed in the article the template is based on, Exchange 2013 Performance Counters. I don’t foresee this as a problem, but it may mean running PAL twice if you don’t spot anything obvious the first time. On the other hand, it does mean it’ll run a damn sight faster.

And that’s another blog I’ll have to follow.

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  • […] Take the output from Experfwiz (or the Daily Performance Logs) and run it through the Performance Analysis of Logs (PAL) Tool, which will produce an HTML report that can be used to identify issues based on recognised thresholds (and version 2.7.3 includes Exchange 2013 thresholds). […]

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