Wahey! UCDay! Hooray!

So… I’m properly honoured to have been selected to present at UCDay on the 28th of September. I’m really excited because it’s been quite some little while since I’ve done this sort of thing – decades rather than years! Hopefully I’ll not let myself down too badly, eh?

What is UCDay? It’s the UKs only independent Microsoft unified communications technical conference focussing on Skype, Office 365 and Exchange; basically a day of sessions from some of the best technical presenters in the world (and me). People like Michael Van Horenbeeck, one of my favourite technical authors, and Brian Reid, who delivered the hardest three days of training I’ve ever had in my life during my MCM rotation. Pretty much every speaker is an MVP, an MCM or an MCT; in the case of Gary Steere, all three. There’s 18 sessions to choose from, in three tracks; Skype for Business, Office 365 and Exchange. This conference is worth every penny, especially as it’s FREE.

So, what am i going to do? Basically a session on designing Exchange for shared services – how simplification and repeatable design units reduced the number of support calls we generated. Why is that of interest to anybody? Because if it reduced support costs for us, it will reduce support costs for other people too (probably). There’s no magic – it’s just following good design and documentation practices, but with some real world figures to reinforce the common sense. There’ll be a little bit on how (i hope) we’re going to apply it to Exchange 2016, a little bit on how it can be extended to other applications. I hope people find it interesting.

The conference is at the National Motorcycle Museum near Birmingham Airport on 28th September. I’d thoroughly recommend anyone with an interest in Exchange, Office 365 and Skype for Business to attend. I’d be there even if i wasn’t speaking.

There’s also a quiz the night before. shriek. I LOVE quizzes. my two favourite answers are “Tavares” and “goldcrest”.

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