My name is nick, and i am a vendor escalation engineer at one of the big IT services companies. I specialise in Exchange, and managing calls that the customer would like logged with Microsoft. My job is to fix them myself, which i do in 19 out of 20 cases. which is just as well, as i would be fired if i didn’t. Big UK government contracts, banks, universities (oh, how i love a university call), quangos and the military. lovely. All i’ve done since 2003 is MS Exchange. blinkered view of the world? get out of my bunker!

in my spare time i’ve got three awesome kids, i support an offically AWESOME rugby team (Go Drags!) and i have an awesome dog. i have a lovely wife too, but she doesn’t like me describing her with the same word i use for the dog.


what’s the blog for? well, there’s no shortage of blogs announcing the release of the latest service pack, so there’s no point in doing that. i thought it might be interesting (to someone) to post details of problems i have solved which have been pretty complex or where the literature is unclear or incomplete, and hopefully people can learn from my mistakes. and if all else fails, well, maybe i can use it to remind myself of what i have done in the past.

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