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So what will I learn in 2014?

most of the last 18 months was spent studying for, failing and then passing my Microsoft Certified Master in Exchange 2010; i then had to spend four months in a darkened room recovering from the qual lab. there are those, like Richard Timmering, who can just breeze through this stuff, with their brains the size of planets, but it damn near saw me off.

finally, now though, i feel sufficiently recovered that i can contemplate learning something else, so i’ve been having a think about what i want and need to do. first off, there’s the stuff i need to learn for work:

  • Powershell; my skills are appalling. i need to get to the point where i’m happy writing mid-length scripts in powershell 2.0, and comfortable using 3.0.
  • Exchange 2013 – my mad skillz are kept sharp through troubleshooting, and as most of my customers are on 2010, that’s the product i’m comfortable with.
  • office 365 – as above. however, i know this year i’m going to be exposed to hybrid environments, so sticking my fingers in my ears and singing “lalalaaaa” is no longer a useful coping strategy.
  • lync. sigh.

and then there’s the things i’d like to get good at for work:

  • multi-tenant hosting with 2010/2013. we don’t do it, but people keep talking about it.
  • zimbra – always useful to have a different perspective
  • automated scripting of labs – something a bit like the lync online lab script, but for exchange 2010. i’m going to have to completely reconfigure my lab anyway this year, root out the 2003 and start building a decent 2013 environment, rather than the gimcrack thing i’m currently mucking about with.

it’ll be awfully dull if all i do is vendor stuff for the day job though, so i’ve been thinking about what i should be planning toward. i did a MSc 8 years ago, which i found to be a thoroughly rewarding experience, even if i’ve not done a lot with it, so i’d quite like to do something similar to that again. with that in mind, i’ve been browsing the University of Hertfordshire post grad site, specifically the list of PhD topics. However, it’s pretty clear that my 20 year old vintage undergrad maths isn’t going to stand scrutiny for the more interesting subjects, so first of all i need to get back up to speed with calculus and the rest of it. My programming is likewise ropey, so i shall be hitting the MOOCs in the first half of this year. the maths particularly will be handy – with a fifteen year old maths wiz daughter i need to be on my toes, and i’m fed up of being considered stone-age because i don’t recall the quick way to do quadratics.

so in short, this year i’ll also be:

i’ll be using this blog to keep track of what i’m doing, so please feel free to suggest anything that might be useful.