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Why doesn’t webready work the way I want it to?

It will come as no surprise that there are different ways of accessing your mailbox available – some, like outlook anywhere and “classic” outlook, require some level of corporate control over the client device, and some, such as OWA, don’t. if you know your URL and your username/password, you can get your mail anywhere in the world, with OWA. At home. In the pub. In a BoHo café in New York, if that’s your bag.

The trouble with the latter method is that it becomes very easy for the more relaxed user to leave confidential material lying around in the internet cafes and bookstores of the world. Luckily, there’s something you can do about it. By combining the “direct file access” and “Web ready document viewing” settings of the OWA virtual directory you should be able to prevent people downloading documents onto the local machine while they arestill able to view the contents. But there is a little snag. In theory, it should work with JUST the exchange management console settings… disable direct access, enable web ready, force web ready… should do it. Doesn’t.


When you set direct file access in the EMC:



You’re not completely disabling direct file access:



So, if you choose to tell OWA you’re on a private computer when you’re actually on a public computer you get this:



When you should get this:


If you missed the subtle difference, the file is greyed out in the lower example… 😀


But who the hell would do that? Well, users will.

“oh, I can’t download this file…” says Carl the service delivery executive to his colleague…

“just log out, and log back in using the ‘this is a private computer’ setting, silly. It’ll work fine”

Moral of this story – use the shell.


And the filename is greyed out. Hoorah. I’ll not put a picture – imagine one that looks just like the one above. It’s easier.



Does it stop me sending documents? No.



It just prevents me viewing them: